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Planet Cibus des Kranisystems

Scutum-Centaurus Arm, Krani System

General information

The planet Cibus, blessed with jungles, grasslands, and countless plants, has extremely fertile soil and is being inhabited by 9.2 million people. The majority of

the green world is used by forestry and agricultural companies for

profit-making purposes.

The farm world

Cibus was the world that humanity needed. With the food crisis of 2159, it became increasingly difficult to provide naturally-grown food such as fruits, vegetables, and grains for the massive populations of various worlds. On arid worlds like Regis, cultivation was only practical in a few places. Planet Earth could already barely provide its fields among its local inhabitants. However, after the discovery of Cibus, which is 14% larger than Earth, corporations seized their opportunity and occupied large portions of the planet for themselves, seeding farmland there as quickly as possible. Under UNCP law, unauthorized occupation of a planet was forbidden, but considering the common good, the UNCP turned a blind eye. They gave the land away to their crisis rescuers without paying a single credit for the plots.

War of the companies

Large land masses of Cibus were unexplored in the early months of settlement. Influential companies such as the Australian company Mundy Agricultural Farming and its Spanish competitor Gallego's Granja occupied the largest land masses by far. The companies earned more than a golden nose with their work. Gradually, they built up their private armies to protect their fields from each other. Until, in 2160, Mundy expanded their territory and knowingly invaded an already occupied area. This was a major violation of the UNCP's strict laws. Gallego's reported this to the UNCP, generating headlines that drastically deteriorated the image of the Australian company. Private armies fought each other and watered their fields with human blood. The UNEDF was forced to end the conflict and dispatched first-generation Knights, who ended the war just days before on the newly discovered planet of Zekron. But the Knights' mission was to serve the aggressor. And the media kept silent about the incident ...

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