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Planet Educa of the Truman system


Norma Arm, Truman System

General information

Despite the fact that Educa is located in the uninhabitable region of the Milky Way, the rainy, muddy planet is always pleasantly cool and habitable for humans. Educa was colonized in 2140 and has a population of 230 million since 2200. The gray world is preferred as a workplace by aspiring scientists

since Educa has an extraordinary number of universities and research

centers, whose projects are gladly financed by the UNCP.

Era of invention

Educa's renowned research institutions were credited with many things. Diesel engines that used less fuel, medicines that helped trivialize diseases from other worlds, and much more. However, not everything that came from Educa was a good thing. Devastating weapons that could quickly and effectively wipe out life. From bombs to bioweapons. It was all there. Whether these inventions ultimately saved more lives than they eradicated is still debated by experts today.

Deployment of the Knights

Shortly after the discovery of Zekron, the first contact with the alien species in 2158 failed immensely. A bloody war would follow. The humans were clearly the stronger ones, as the Arizans were still living their 19th century.

However, their will and fighting spirit were strong, and they would not give up anytime soon. That's when the UNEDF ordered the research institutes on Educa, to construct a superweapon in such a way that the Arizonans would surrender in fear. The project was kept under wraps for a long time, but the results satisfied the wishes of the high command. After using the Knights, modified super soldiers, the Arizans surrendered, and a peace pact was signed. However, for many, the Knights were simply propaganda to cover up major war crimes.

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