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Planet Earth of the solar system


Orion Arm, Solar System

General information

Earth is the blue planet that humanity calls home. Together with her moon, Luna, it wanders alongside eight other planets around Sol, the sun of the system. Since the year 2200, 8.9 billion people live on Earth.

Turn of the century

In 1914, World War I brought death and destruction to the blue world. It stretched for a full eleven years until 1925 when the UN was ultimately founded in Switzerland and ended the bloody battles. The first council meeting promised to rebuild bombed-out cities around the world. For decades, humanity focused on keeping that very promise. During the times of peace, their eyes turned to the sky. They had a new goal of what they wanted to achieve. Together.

Journey to the stars

After a long development period for a propulsion system that could

launch a manned rocket into space, the time had come in 2072. A small

team of trained astronauts reached the moon and spent several days on it

until they arrived safely back on Earth. They brought back moonstones, which

were examined in laboratories. It motivated humanity. They immediately set to

work to develop plans for a permanent moon station. They succeeded relatively

quickly, as they launched the first components into space in 2091 and began construction

in the same year. They didn't dig into the moon for long, when they found an unusual mineral

inside. It was silver and light as a feather. Even on the surface of the earth, it had no hold. It just floated on. It was only a matter of time before scientists figured out the special skills of the mineral, which they named Lunium.

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