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planet faurma of the esanto system


Orion Arm, Esanto System

General information

Flowers as tall as trees. Mountains that look like sea anemones from Earth. Faurma is a world full of such curiosities. However, caution is advised. About 89% of the plants on the planet of red grass

are poisonous or toxic. But the remaining 11% have healing effects. The

pharmaceutical industry has realized its dreams here. About 12 million

people call the beautiful but dangerous world of Faurma their home.

(As of 2198)

No such thing as luck

The discovery of this world was pure coincidence. When Captain Zachariah Cohen and his crew of eight spacefarers and a cat were on their way to Motivru in his heavy freighter McLovin to pick up a large order from a car dealership, the ship's portal gun registered a major defect. It stemmed from pirates who had attacked the McLovin four days prior. The postponement of the repair had the consequence that the coordinates were not correctly computed and missed the actual goal by systems. It was absolute luck that the freighter did not implode.

Captain Cohen crash-landed on the alien planet and sent out a distress signal, which was intercepted by the mission control center only after two months. His discovery would simplify and even save the lives of countless people.

Interplanetary medicine

It was an extremely complicated undertaking to study the plants of Faurma. Some flowers exuded fluids as a defense mechanism that damaged the scientists' protective suits. The air on Faurma was safe for humans, but some of the world's continents sometimes had high levels of nitrogen in the air, making settlements difficult. Still, Faurma's advantages outweighed its disadvantages. It was more of a blessing than a curse.

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