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Planet Fluis of the Schepper system


Scutum-Centaurus Arm, Schepper System

General information

Fluis is a planet with four moons and has a 78% sandy land mass. The oil industry is particularly thriving here. 112 million people call Fluis their home.

Dead desert

After the discovery of the sandy world of Fluis, it was initially declared empty and unimportant by the UNCP. However, when the first expeditions were made to the surface and the soil was tested for minerals, fossils were quickly discovered that were not buried that deep. So it was quickly determined that Fluis had a large animal kingdom millions of years ago. After the discovery, the fuel industry bought large land masses of the planet from the UNCP and in just a few months, set up refineries to process these fossils. Archaeologists worldwide, however, were great enemies of these activities. Their universities in no way had that kind of money to buy land. Permission to excavate on land the powerful companies had already purchased was, of course, refused by the big oil giants.

Liquid gold

The legal battle between universities and the big companies went on for many months. The longer

they tried to fight for the preservation of the many dead species of Fluis, the more were burned. It was a

clear waste of time to go up against these powers. At some point, the archaeological teams had enough and actively sabotaged refineries and blew them up. They spent many nights doing so against companies to get their will across. Media reported the attacks, and many people sided with them. But the oil giants knew their rights and filed a lawsuit with the UNCP. The archaeologists were destroying company property, and they should do something about it. The UNEDF reinforced the frontiers of the property with its soldiers. And that made a lot of headlines.

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