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Planet Motivru of the Jumana system


Perseus Arm, Jumana System

General information

The great mountain ranges of the rocky planet Motivru are the only thing that makes this world special, besides the cold weather. The steel industry is particularly large here. Automobile manufacturers have moved their headquarters here. Excavation companies also earn a lot of money here in the

mines of the mountains. 24 million people live on Motivru.

The iron planet

Since Motivru consists almost entirely of canyons and mountains, building colonies was a difficult task for humanity. Slowly and laboriously, they dug down the tops of the larger mountains to build, in the first place, a safe landing place for spaceships. In only a short time, the first research facilities had been dug into the mountains. During the excavations, large iron deposits were discovered that were much larger than initially thought. It was a dream for many companies to be surrounded by mountains of pure iron.

Tourismus im Industriegebiet

But steel is not the only profitable thing on the gray planet. Tourists like to visit the great mountain ranges of Motivru. The view of the mountains is a breathtaking sight for many vacationers.

Mountain climbing is also a popular attraction, too.

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