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planet regis of the lapis system


Scutum-Centaurus Arm, Lapis System

General information

Regis is a sandy, empty planet at first sight. But the beauty lies within. Regis was blessed with rich minerals and ores. Not hidden for long from the excavation companies. 115 million people call the moonless planet their home.

The corporate planet

The three largest mining companies on earth bought as much of the planet's land as they could. On their land, they built cities where their workers lived and worked. It was poor conditions that they experienced. The pay was meager, and the conditions weren't any different.

After the discovery of the Arizans and the hard-fought peace that followed, it brought many representatives of their species to other planets. Regis was by far the most popular. But they were treated even worse than their human colleagues.

   The rise of organised crime

Working conditions worsened over time. Unions were quickly crushed, leaving the workers in the hierarchy no chance for improvement. But Arizans certainly didn't like it. Parts of powerful crime families from Zekron moved to Regis to relocate their business. That's when the mining world became a great opportunity. The desperate workers feared the families, but they also occasionally used their services to live a better life on Regis. The crime families were an infuriating annoyance for the big companies, but they never had any real evidence to put them behind bars. They hid their tracks well and improved living conditions for the bottom rung quite a bit.

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