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planet zekron of the acranus system


Scutum-Centaurus Arm, Acranus System


With its three moons Akix, Trakix, and Rukix, the purple planet Zekron orbits the white sun of its solar system together with five other planets. Despite its somewhat heavier gravity, the planet's two dense rings easily hold around it. The large green seas occupy about 73% of the planet's surface and are populated by an extensive number of living creatures.

Early history

The beginnings of the Arizans native to Zekron were bumpy and dangerous.

The surface lurked with hunting animals and was far less safe. The ancient Arizans quickly realized that caves were the best places to protect themselves from the harsh natural environment. However, caves were not large enough to raise generations. Therefore, they dug deeper and deeper into the mountains, creating magnificent cities over the centuries.

In the beginning, they used their sharp claws to dig tunnels. With progress came useful tools that made their lives much easier. Via trade routes underground, they quickly linked other colonies and traded goods, inventions, and knowledge. But with civilization also came war. The resource wars began.

General information

Chaos reigned among the peoples of Zekron. Wars for territory, power, and food raged underground. All the time the Arizans lived underground, they rarely left their subterranean cities. The surface was still as dangerous as it had been many years ago. That's when a young Arizan lady saw her chance. She thought she heard the voice of the goddess Xalia in her dreams. She was to unite the peoples of the planet, and build their cities towards heaven. As the first Zekor, she brought peace between the peoples, and together they made the surface habitable. With peace, a new era began. The era of gathering. The birthplace of the first Zekor was named the planetary capital shortly thereafter. The Arizans built cities of stone and wood, but they left their roots. Gradually, they moved to the surface. They left behind dusty ruins and ghost towns below them.

The first Zekor
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