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What is Knights of the Earth?

Knights of the Earth is a science fiction novel series of the German author Martin Kreider. It is set in a retrofuturistic world where diesel is common and electricity is a luxury.

Humanity is expanding

By the end of the 21st century, room on Earth was running out, and natural resources were coming to an end. Wars over them were not uncommon. There was a solution to all of this.

The creation of the United Nations Colony Project (UNCP) brought a forced halt to all wars of conquest. All eyes turned to the stars. For decades, humans established colonies on a multitude of planets. But they kept one question constantly in the back of their minds.

Were they alone?

The beginning of a new era


On a purple planet with two asteroid rings, they discovered an intelligent species called Arizans, who were not as advanced as humans. A bumpy first contact forced the humans to use a new weapon: the Knights. Super soldiers of which each country was allowed to have only one. After a nightmarish slaughter, the Arizans surrendered, and an era of peace and politics arose. After decades of debate, even the Arizans were granted the right to have super soldiers, which they called Guardians.

The looming danger


Something disturbed the peace. Attacks on political figures opened old wounds of past battles. The pillars of cohesion were crumbling. Something had to be done. And the UNCP knew exactly who was destined for the task.

These are their stories

Follow the story of a young conscript who must adapt in a rapidly changing galaxy.

Join the Knights and Guardians who try to keep the peace without letting their feelings guide them.

Similar and yet different



A species for which no task is too small. Since the beginning of their time, they fought, forged alliances and founded governments. But a civilized life never excluded the nature of man. Wars and disputes occupied a large part of human history.

The establishment of the UNCP prevented conflicts on Earth by quite a bit. Humanity reached for the stars and spread out into the dark void. But to break away from its instincts was impossible. Even in space, they continued to fight.


It is part of their nature.

UNEDF Propaganda infantry division
Arizan Propaganda poster for the fight against humanity

The Arizans


A proud people reminiscent of ants on planet Earth. They once lived in vast networks of caves on their purple planet Zekron, which grew into huge cities. There, thousands of years ago, they sought refuge from the dangerous predators of the upper world. However, the Arizans' ancestors fought off these massive surface creatures and expanded beyond their underground cities, putting themselves at the top of the food chain.


With the arrival of humans on their planet, they boosted their technological level by centuries.

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